Tuesday, February 28, 2012


No winter?
Totally my fault.  
I made these:

It's Murphy's other law.
If you make super cute tiny rice bag handwarmers,
you won't have a winter in which to use them.

Never heard of that one?  Me either.

These were ridiculously easy to make.  Cut tiny rectangles of flannel fabric.  I had these kitties leftover from winter pajama pants. With right sides together, sew up three sides.  Trim and clip corners, turn right side out, and fill (about halfway, maybe a little more) with rice.  Fold in the open edges, pin, and sew shut.  That's it.  Heat for a few seconds (mine only take about 20 seconds to heat up, it depends on the size you make them) before your kids come inside so they're nice and toasty to warm up little hands.

Of course, since I made them, we've only had the opportunity to use them once.  I gave up on teaching my four year old about winter.  She keeps looking at me like I'm crazy.  I can explain why it doesn't snow down here every year, but it's really hard to explain why she's able to wear skirts without leggings all through February.


  1. Nope, it's my husband's fault, because he actually put the winter/snow tires on his car this year. :) I just tell my kids that *this* winter is balancing out *last* winter.

  2. Those are so cute! We should make some because they would be "handy" here! (Sorry.) At the moment I'm in three layers and eating hot soup and I still feel a bit chilly!

  3. Amy, you guys definitely deserved an easy winter this year!!

    Mmm . . . I've been craving soup too, Sparklee, but I can't bring myself to turn on the stove all afternoon! :)


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