Monday, February 6, 2012

Learning Letters

I gave in.
After holding off as long as I could, I gave in and started doing a letter a week with Harper.
I didn't want to do any "formal" school type work with her yet, but she's been copying and asking the names of letters she sees, so I figured I might as well strike while that iron is hot!

Very low key.
A letter a week.
Starting with the letters in her name.
Mostly writing practice, not much with the phonics yet.

Usually we start by making the letter with our "dragon jewels."
Tons of fun.

Oh, and a little update on big kid school.
Fred, he makes math fun.
More Ella laughing, and less me wanting to poke my eyes out with a stick.

We love him so much we ordered the next two books.
We heart Fred, big time!


  1. I've been lurking a bit and thought I would say Hello:)I'm Kelly, we're a military family who live in Germany. First year of homeschooling my daughter, she just turned 9. My son just turned 4 and we're doing a letter a week now too. Enjoying your blog.Take care!

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for taking the time to say, "Hello." Sounds like our kids are just about the same ages. Best wishes through the rest of your first year!


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