Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl (learning) Celebration!

There were problems with Tuesday's post, How I Spend a Homeschool Week Off, not posting properly.  It should all be worked out and groovy now.  Sorry for any confusion.  Now for today's post . . .

We are a football family.  No doubt about that.  But, let's face it, an entire day of pregame smack talk followed by a 3-4 hour game can get a little boring for the kiddos.  Even mine.  So I like to involve them in the day, let them help plan things, and keep it fun.  Oh yeah, and educational.  Of course.

  • Map it Out - We have maps that we fill in throughout the season to learn where all the teams and divisions are located, but you can just help the kids find where both teams' home states or stadiums are located.  We've already played and mapped NY this year, so I'll take the opportunity to teach my oldest which states are considered part of New England (cross your fingers, I never remember them all).
  • Mascots - No zoology lesson this year, but it brings up the opportunity to talk about what a patriot is.  For the Giants, how about Jack and the Beanstalk for the younger crowd?  Patriot fans can title it Tom the Giant Killer.  :)
  • Colors - Preschoolers can learn the team colors, and older kids will just have fun dressing up in their favorite team's colors and decorating the house.  You could even practice patterns by making a paper bunting to hang in the living room.
  • Math - Please your budding statisticians by asking them to help you keep track of how many yards your favorite running back accumulates, what percentage of passes your team's quarterback completes, or make a graph charting how many car, junk food, or other types of commercials are shown.
  • Food - Everyone needs a good party planner!  Learn a little about each team's food culture while you snack!  We're serving New England clam chowder, NY style cheesecake, and Sam Adams (for the grown-ups, and yes, mommy will have a tummy ache for two days after one gluten-filled beer).  We'll have more traditional football snack-types foods that evening during the game.  If you have older kids, they can easily help you research foods from each area, plan a menu and shopping list, and even younger kids can help prepare the feast!

Most of all, have fun and remember to include young fans in the day.  Also, wish us luck.  We might have a house divided, since I'm not certain how strong my Long Island husband's loyalties are anymore.  :)

Happy Super Bowl!!!!


  1. I'm considering contacting Sam Adams and begging them to brew a GF line of beers. Hands down, best beer. (No, I'm not biased or anything!)

    And, REALLY? You can't remember the six New England states? Although I shouldn't be surprised. Do you know how often people from other parts of the country have seriously looked confused when I've said I'm from Rhode Island? NO freaking idea that RI is a state. The WORST is being confused with Long Island. Perish the thought. :)

  2. Mmm . . .gf sam adams would be AWESOME!!! I need to write to the Abita people . . .

    Oh, I remember them, but I can't remember that there are six, so I try to add in states or wonder if Maine should be part of Canada instead. Just kidding. No, really.


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