Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Field Trip - Belle Ècorce Farms

Last week we took a little field trip down to Belle Ècorce Farms for a tour with some friends.  Everyone over there was so nice and patient with the kids.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Spring is always a great time to see some baby animals!  

The baby goats were adorable!  We also saw where they make the cheese and milk the goats, and we had lots of time for questions and answers.  Of course, I had to buy some fresh goat cheese to take home with us!

We also saw lots of chickens, which only fueled our desire for feathered friends of our own.  (Soon . . . very soon!  This fall, probably.)  Ella was so excited to see Silkies, her favorites!

They even let all the kids help move some of the growing babies into their new homes.

We were also introduced to miniature horses, a beautiful cow, and more exotic birds than I've ever seen in one location.  But Harper's favorite friend of the day was this lovely lady:

A sweet, old rat terrier gal.  Every time I turned around, Harper was off somewhere away from the group snuggling with her new friend.  My little one has been having a rough time lately with the loss of Rusty, and I hadn't seen her quite that content in a while.  It won't be long . . I can see we'll be making a trip to the shelter in the next few months.  That and, you know, we'll need someone to guard our chickens.  :)

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