Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Garden

Looking for me this week?
I'll be here . . .

fixing up the newest garden box,

and picking snap peas with the girls . . .

and waiting for the cabbages to finally finish growing . . .

and taking care of these new beauties . . .

Two of these tomato plants are Russian cold-tolerant varieties and already have a few flowers.  Look how tall they are already!  Can you believe I got them for only $3 a piece???  We have the best plant guy selling heirloom veggie plants & herbs at the farmer's market.  We also bought a pepper plant from him, but it's hiding in here . . .

I love my new little greenhouse.

Want a peek inside?

Happy Spring!!!!


  1. I'm growing some of those Russian Heirloom tomatoes from seed! So exciting, they're doing really well. Usually I can't get tomatoes to start from seed.

  2. Oh, fantastic! I grew some cherry tomatoes from seed last year, but they didn't produce much. I need to find out the name of these Russians from the guy, because I definitely want to order some seeds for next year, or maybe even later this year. He said his produced through the beginning of winter!


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