Monday, March 12, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away

If you have a weather person with the last name Noah,
and she tells you you shouldn't see any rain,
check to see if she s secretly buliding an ark in her back yard.

This was after the rain stopped and drained for a while.
You couldn't see the road earlier.
Or any grass.

I was quite twitchy remembering the 2004 flood.
I haven't seen water like this since then.
I think they said we got around 10 inches.
Like I said, it was much worse, but I couldn't take pictures in the storm.

We were already tired from the time change.  Ugh, we had had a really bad time with that yesterday.  (Anyone else struggle with that this year?  The shift this year seemed worse than normal.) 

Then the storms and hail kept us up last night.  I actually realized this morning that I slept in yesterday's clothes.  The kids got scared and climbed on me before I had a chance to put on my pajamas, then they were in and out of my bed all night.  None of us slept, so we're all tired and cranky now.

I think the rain's done for the afternoon.
Fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. Your area got the worst of the rain, it appeared! We were watching the radar rather closely!
    Glad it finally stopped--hopefully tonite will be full of sweet, peaceful, catch-up sleep.



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