Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Fever

Happy Spring!  

Yes, I'm a bit late.  Sorry, we've been busy enjoying the gorgeous weather, exploring our beautiful state, and doing a bit of crafting.  I'll have more about the traveling and field trips in the near future, but for now I'll show you a bit of what we've been doing around here.

My big girl loves making yarn pom-poms.  We don't use those circular cardboard things to make ours.  We just wrap yarn around a fork, tie a piece of yarn around the middle, cut through the loops on the outside, fluff, and trim.  She got a big kick out of making ones to mimic all the dandelions we've been seeing lately.

While we watch the landscape transform this spring, I'm getting the urge to stretch and change also.  I learned three guitar chords last week.  I'm bound and determined to draw (or attempt to draw) all of those irises we saw over the weekend.  And I'm really itching to write again.  I'm toying with the idea of moving all of my creative endeavors to another website to share in some other space all my own.  Or maybe I'll just keep them all to myself.  Either way, I'm feeling moved by spring.  I'm excited and completely unfocused.  And that's completely ok.  When the kids get like this, grown-ups call it "spring fever."  There's absolutely no reason a mama can't have a case of the same thing.

Anyone else have spring fever?  How is yours manifesting?


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  2. when I get a minute I'll explain why I deleted that. :)


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