Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicot State Park and the Louisiana State Arboretum

Recently, we took a trip to a woodland paradise less than an hour away at Chicot State Park.  We packed up the tent and spent a peaceful weekend in nature, just far away enough to feel like a mini-vacation but close enough so the drive itself wasn't exhausting.  And a one night trip is perfect for a spontaneous weekend getaway.

We had plenty of time for exploring . . .

. . . playing Uno in the tent . . .

. . . and playing more Uno in the crisp morning air . . .

We also visited the Louisiana State Arboretum, located inside the park.  We had never been before, and I was amazed.  The trails were gorgeous, and they offer free classes every weekend.  

That Saturday afternoon, we attended a class on gardening with wildflowers.  The presentation was great, and she really involved the kids.  After the presentation, she took us around the building to show examples of the flowers she discussed, then she took us on a guided hike through one of the trails.  

The irises were so beautiful, I had to pick up some at a local nursery a few days after we got home.

See the butterflies on that thistle?  They were so comfy, they didn't even mind me hovering around them.  

Did I mention the trails were gorgeous?  We kept a watchful eye out for . . . . um . . . the natives . . . but we didn't see anything more dangerous than the mosquitoes.  

Happy faces.  :)
We're already looking at the calendar for available weekends before it gets too hot.


  1. That looks like a perfect little low-stress getaway. I have irises, from my parents' yard. They propagate like crazy...I love a plant that just takes care of itself. :)

  2. Love bulbs. We're still trying to dig up the elephant ears my MIL brought us from NY. They went nuts in this climate! I can't wait until I have irises to spread everywhere!


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