Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Plans and a Tip

Last year we had the crazy mad scientist natural egg dyeing kitchen . . .

I do so love how a little brush of olive oil makes them shine!  

This year, I'm only dyeing boiled eggs, so we won't have the difficult job of keeping the empty shells in the dyes.  And I'm simplifying and doing fewer colors this year.  Probably just red cabbage (which I think actually makes blue eggs?  yes?), turmeric, and herbal fruit tea.  I'll just make larger batches and mix to make, oh, say, green or purple.  I might do beets.  I haven't decided.  I'm still bummed that the beets I planted were complete duds this year.  *pout*

We won't dye our eggs until Friday afternoon or maybe even Saturday, and I probably won't post again this weekend.  I'm dreaming of a few days off.  Just reading, writing (poems, stories, and whatever else fills the pages), knitting (shhh . . . I might have a little knitted bunny and chick to surprise the girls Easter morning), planting a few seeds, and hanging with my people.  Ahhhh . . . . . . see you next week.  :)

BONUS Gardening Tip:  When you boil your eggs this year, don't toss that precious egg water down the drain!  It has Happy Plant nutrients, so save it to water your plants.

Happy Easter!!!

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