Monday, April 30, 2012

Favorites: April

We do this thing at dinner.  The kids yell, "Favorite Thing!  Favorite Thing!" and we each take a turn to say our favorite moment from the day.  Really, it's my way of getting everyone to take turns talking, so we don't all talk over each other in our excitement to have Daddy home.  The added bonus is the focus on the good moments of our days, a moment of gratitude, and the joy of seeing what makes each person truly happy.  Sometimes it's an obvious thing, like swimming with friends.  Other days it's something small, like spotting a baby frog with a bit of tail left on him or the first green tomato on the plants.  Some days, I have to dig pretty deep . . . but I can always find a moment.  Just one.  And for that I'm always grateful.

April is one of those months . . . filled with highs and way-down-lows.  Every year.  But I made it through once again.  I wanted to be mindful of those "favorite things" and share some of my moments . . . the ones that sometimes slip through the cracks . . . here at the end of each month.  I started a little late, so this is mostly the second half of the month, but, for me, it's about building the habit.  So, here you go.  My favorite moments from April.

  • Turning 35.

  • 13 years of marriage.

  • Signing up for Heather's 30 Day Vegan Workshop.  Committing do doing something good for myself.  (So looking forward to this!)

  • Hanging out with good friends, new and old . . . some I haven't seen in over ten years.

Proof we were out after dark.  :)

So, admittedly, these are mostly big moments.  But, that's April for ya.  I think I'll enjoy this habit.  In fact, I'm going to begin a draft post now for May, so I'll have a place to jot down some of the smaller moments I don't want to forget at the end of the month.

Feel free to share your favorite moment from April (big or small) in the comments.  I'd love to hear them!


  1. I'm glad you guys got out to the festivale! Sigh, being out after dark. Without kids. TOGETHER. I should make that a goal...if only I could conjure up a reasonably priced, capable, available babysitter out of thin air. If only I had a chimney, I'd throw a description up there.

    Lots of small things in April...I heard the first towhee. That always makes me giddy with happiness.

  2. Yay for the towhee!!!! I get that way when I see the first sign of purplish-pink on the neighbor's redbud tree.


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