Monday, April 23, 2012

Gardening Guest Post & Poll Results

Today, I'm a guest over at Angie's 10 Days of Teaching Home Ec series.  I'm presenting 5 tips to start a garden with your children.   Pop in and say "Hi," if you have a minute.  If you have another minute, her recent sewing post is also worth a read.

In other news, I learned a few interesting things from last week's poll question.  First, we all have our weird little things we obsess about.  Like me, with the name and date thing last week.  It's not that I'm overly concerned about the issue, but it kind of rooted in my brain for a couple of weeks and I obsessed over it.  Just for a week or so.  And now it's gone.  I'm not the only one who does this, usually over silly or inconsequential issues . . . right?

Second, I need to pay attention and edit (ahem, subject-verb agreement problem in those poll answers, ahem).  And I should figure out how to embed a poll in a post, because I realized (too late) that I can't view the sidebar on my tablet, because of the mobile view.  Interesting.

Also, while lots of folks were interested in viewing the post (yes . . . I see you . . . yes, you), a much smaller percentage actually voted.  Maybe that had to do with the viewing issues in the sidebar, but I also know from boring but informative research methods courses that this is perfectly normal.  It actually makes a good homeschooling lesson if you want to consider creating a poll with an older child and get into the how's and the why's of the process and results.

Finally, the results showed a pretty even split between those of you who insist on names and dates on all papers regularly and those of you who don't bother with it.  And it sounds like it just depends on the ages of your children, how close they are in age, and how similar their assignments are.  We might need to pay more attention to the matter when my girls are older,  but for now it doesn't need to be an issue for us, whether or not something dreadful happens and I one day possibly have to send them back to a classroom.  We would figure it out then, just like we would figure out everything else.  No sense borrowing trouble.  That's the lesson this week, I guess.

So now I can let it go.

Thank you.


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  1. Oh, well, I viewed but didn't vote because I'm not currently homeschooling so I figured I didn't count. If I WERE homeschooling, I might be concerned with name and possibly date, depending on what it is (I initial and date the kids' artwork now), but I'd also probably have a bin or big folder to put everything in, and those would be labeled, and I'd sort it periodically. And my oldest puts his name--first, middle initial, and last--on everything anyway. :)


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