Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Poem in My Pocket: The Builders

I've been writing more again, and I figured it was time to put on my big girl pants and share something.  This one seemed appropriate for this space.  

The Builders
by Michelle Hulse

I paused one afternoon, to inhale
a raucous symphony escaping
the playroom. Legos tumbled
from little hands,
spinning and skittering
across the floor. The rustle of
greedy fingers shuffling
through a pointed rainbow
gave way to giggles and howling,
broken by bouts of intense
Snippets of ongoing plots tumbled out,
epic tales and battles best left
despite my cravings for the
tiniest peek at their creations.

Then it is time
for books and chores and
Things to be Done.
But their childhood slips,
like plastic blocks
through tiny fingers.
Soon, an intricate fortress
will stand before them.
Complex, sturdy, ordered.
Gone, the chaotic swirl
of colors and shapes.
These bold builders
need their kingdom.
For an hour or two
life will endure,
lessons untaught,
laundry unfolded.
One day soon
I will long for
the rattling
of plastic
in a


  1. Yay, Michelle! I love it! Can I print this and hang it on my living room wall? For inspiration the next time I wander through and step on a sharp little block? :)
    Happy, happy day to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Michelle. I'm so glad you did.

  3. Absolutely, April! Hehe. We're clearing out a couple of rooms this week and I'm finding tiny pieces EVERYWHERE! I needed a bit of inspiration myself. :)


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