Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poems, Swimming, and a Week (not-quite-so) Off

Have you ever decided to take a week off and found it to be exactly the opposite of what you imagine a week off should be?  Yep, I'm right in the middle of one of those.  I have both girls in swimming lessons for two weeks, scheduled at our normal school time, so I decided to take our "spring break" these two weeks instead of earlier in April.  It turns out we're just as busy as we always are, just doing something different.  The good news is that I'm devoting the rest of our time to establishing a good, solid, spring/summer rhythm.  We've been "off" lately.  That leaves everyone feeling unsettled, so I decided that if nothing else gets done, we will get back into our regular rhythms.  So far, so good.  Everything necessary is getting done each day, and the kids are actually cooperating and even doing chores regularly with minimal fuss.  So, that's good.

Swimming lessons are also going . . . swimmingly.  Sorry, couldn't resist.  :)   I have one brave girl who is surpassing all of our expectations (teachers included), and one who was in tears today.  And it's not the girls I expected to fill those roles.  Ella, who is eight and can't swim because we've taken a break on lessons due to a couple of traumatic summer lesson sessions in the past, is fearless and taking to it like a pro.  In three days she has gone from barely being able to survive in four feet of water to showing semi-proper freestyle form and is swimming halfway across the pool on her own.  There's even talk of using those long arms and legs of hers to join the swim team in the extended future.  On the other hand . . . poor little Harper . . . my normally happy, headfirst girl . . . is having a surprisingly tough time.  To her credit, she never said she doesn't want to go back.  She's still a brave soul, even through her tears.

In other news, tomorrow is Poem in Your Pocket Day.  I just might have a little something to share with you tomorrow.  Maybe.  If I can be just as brave as either of my girls.  Maybe.  Until then, I'm over at Amy's site today, sharing one of my favorite poems.  Swing on over and say, "Hi," if you have a moment.

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