Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Proximity Problem

I remember . . . 
just a few months ago . . . 
how I thought this . . .

was going to be a FABULOUS idea.

I suppose I shouldn't complain.  They're sisters.  They love each other.  They're close.
It's a rare thing these days, right?

Still, there are moments (like yesterday) when I threaten to tear down the bunk beds and put the girls in separate rooms again, because they refuse to do anything separately anymore.  I know, it's a good problem to have.  But it's still a problem.  All of this closeness results in fights and whining and legos thrown at each other by mid-afternoon (sometimes sooner).  

And then I remember that one night when Ella didn't want to crawl back up into her  top bunk for some reason, so she just slept in the bottom bunk with her sister.  They woke up snuggling.  Snuggling, I tell you.  And I could hear them in there in the morning giggling and reading books to each other and oh my heart just melts thinking about it.

For now, the beds stay.
For now, t's a good problem to have.


  1. Yes, it is a good problem to have. I wish my three sisters and I had been that close. Maybe we wouldn't be so far apart now.

  2. It's a beautiful problem. Nothing in the world like enjoying your kids enjoying one another!

    I'm wayyy behind on your blog--so a LATE Happy Birthday! :)

  3. D'awww. My sister and I were pretty close as children. Sure, we had our disagreements and were (and still are) very opposite in personality. But if she was sick, I was there for her. I'd tell her stories to help her sleep at night. We stood up for each other.

    Now *her* two daughters snuggle together sometimes, and it's so sweet to see. The nice thing about being close to a sister, is knowing she's got your back. :)


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