Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Frog Watching

Ok, so I'm not a big frog person, but isn't that just the cutest little face???  We have these little guys everywhere.  After a big rain a couple of weeks ago, we had tons of baby frogs - in the garden, on the greenhouse, on the trash cans . . . you could barely step in the yard without seeing one hop out of the way.  At first, it was hard to tell what they were.  Some of them still had little tails in the beginning (again, sooooo cute!).  One even had a beautiful golden sheen covering it.   But now we can clearly see that our babies have developed into separate species.

I know we had spring peepers, but I don't think this batch is more peepers.  Every site tells me they aren't green.  The green guys in my garden are probably just little green tree frogs.  We have loads of them every year.

The rest of the frogs, however, are developing different colorings and markings.  They don't seem to make much of any noise, and now that they're getting bigger, some (the trash can clan) are getting a little tubby around the middle.

Then, there are these guys . . .

 I'm not exactly sure what species these are (yet), but we're having fun hunting for them every afternoon.  They seem to be particularly fond my chard and strawberry plants.  Whatever they are, they are certainly welcome friends at this point.


  1. Hi Michelle, Just stumbled upon your blog while googling hard first year homeschooling. Love it ! Ironically my husband and I just returned from a trip (my first) to New Orleans. It was wonderful. I will be back to your inspirational blog, for homeschooling and GFCF. Great blog!
    Aaron (girl:)

  2. Oh, how FUN! I love frogs, and baby ones would just be irresistible. We get baby TOADS here, but not frogs...I'm almost green with envy!
    A lovely green, speckled shade of green...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Aaron! I think every first year of homeschooling (especially when making a switch) is hard, in different ways. But so worth it. :) Thanks for commenting!

    April, we have baby toads, too. In fact, I'm beginning to suspect some of that trash can gang might be toadies.

  4. Very fun!! I love when we come across frogs & toads in the yard--usually in summer, the grown ones--the babies are elsewhere at the moment. Occasionally we find a turtle (although that's rare) and of course we have lots of resident (and harmless) snakes--waiting for them to wake up, too. I love herps.


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