Monday, May 7, 2012

If you give a girl a festival . . .

If you give a girl a festival,

she'll probably want a new bag to go with it.

I haven't sewn anything since I made my Nook case back in January.  I cut two big pieces for a shirt last month, but they're still sitting near the machine, untouched.  But last Friday, at the end of a tiring week when I didn't want to use one more ounce of brain power thinking about school or chores or anything else, I decided I needed a new bag.  Something a little bigger than my small cross-body bag, with wider straps, so I'd be comfy all day.  I dug in my fabric stash, found some cute $1 a yard clearance fabric I picked up last year for no reason other than it was cute and a dollar a yard and a few pieces of white print for the lining.  A couple of hours later (it took that long mostly because I had to actually stop to feed people), Mama had a brand new bag.

It isn't perfect (I should have made the flap a little longer), but it's mine.  And I love it.

It's amazing what a couple of hours creating (especially when you didn't plan on it) can do for your mood.


  1. Good for you! And you're right. The making things, sometimes it's just critical.

  2. Yep. Sometimes you just gotta DO something to let those creative urges OUT before something explodes!
    Cute bag. Love the fabric. I would have bought it too, for the very same reasons(and a whole LOT of it, at that price!).
    Fun festival?

  3. I think I got two yards of it . . . I cut out the two pieces for a shirt, then this bag, and I still have a good bit left over. Kicking myself for not getting more!

    And yes, the festival was AMAZING! I actually recommend it over Jazz Fest. Or, at least, go to this one the first weekend, then go to Jazz Fest for its second weekend. If you must. :) But then again, the second week of Jazz Fest is also the Crawfish Festival here . . .


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