Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Secret Weapon: Lemon Oil

We're still playing with duct tape over here.  And Ella keeps sneaking "3 rolls of duct tape" onto my shopping list.  It's craft crack, I tell you.

If you made a wallet or if you've ever had to cut duct tape before, you'll learn very quickly not to use your good scissors.  It leaves some nasty gunk on the blades.  Since we don't want to have to buy new scissors every time we cut tape, I needed something to get all of that gunk off.  I know there are commercial products specifically for this, and I'm sure there are recipes for homemade stuff, but I am all about finding the simplest solution.  Meet my secret weapon . . .

 Lemon Oil

I already had a bottle of this in the house, because I use it in my homemade cleaners.  And sugar scrubs.  And a few drops in the rinse makes my towels smell oh-so-nice.  But back to the gunk.

These are the scissors I use for cutting herbs and sometimes for pruning my tomato plants.  Ignore the dark stains on them.  I am quite neglectful of these poor scissors.  Anyway, dark stains aside, you can see, especially on that top blade, a lot of residue that came from cutting tape.


All I did was put a drop of lemon oil directly on the blade, then I rubbed it with a cloth or dish towel.  if it was especially stuck on there (like if I forgot about it and left them out for several days before cleaning them), then I  might need an extra drop or two of oil and maybe I might have to wet the cleaning cloth.  But really, that's it.  It doesn't even take much scrubbing.  Just a few swipes and the scissors are clean and yummy smelling.

Smooth, baby.  Smooth.  

Lemon oil is also great for getting the sticky glue off glass jars after you remove the labels.  Just rub a few drops directly on the sticky part of the jar, and rub over it with your fingers.  You might need to leave it on there for a few minutes (or longer) to let the oil do its magic.  Then rub the jar with a wet cloth.  You might need to do this process a few times to get it all.  But even then, it doesn't use a lot of the oil.  I find these bottles of lemon oil last forever, and for under $6 it really is my new favorite cleaning tool.

Do you use lemon oil, and do have another use for it?


  1. I use CitraSolv in my cleaning solutions, which is orange oil, so pretty similar. Another great use? If a wasp gets into the house, spraying it with a stream of orange oil (from far away)--or any oil, really--will gum up its breathing and kill it, without any nasty pesticides. I leave the outside ones alone, of course, but if one is in the house, it's got to go. (My 10yo feels I should get a piece of paper and a cup and trap it and bring it outside, but I'm just not willing to get that close to a trapped, angry wasp.)

    1. Oh, no I wouldn't be trapping them inside either! Angry wasps are bad news.


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