Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Plans

People keep asking me about our plans for the summer, and I usually respond with, "A whole lot of nothing."  Of course, that's not entirely true, but what they mean and what I mean is that we aren't signing up for any classes or activities this summer.  I would much rather take swimming lessons and whatever else in the spring or fall when classes aren't crowded.  It's a homeschooling perk I definitely take advantage of.

A far as our homeschooling plans are concerned, we'll be doing a little more than nothing.  All year long, I imagine how great year-round schooling sounds and how I should definitely make that shift.

Then May hits.

Mama needs a break.  Just a break from planning and organizing and thinking.  Now, I'm not delusional.  I know I'll be doing those things anyway.  I just need a break.  But the kids will kill each other with too much free time, and and there are a few things Ella has asked to learn this summer, particularly how to sew and how to make soup.

So, this summer, after a short week-long break of nothingness, we'll be doing what I call School Light.  It will look something like this:

Math - flash cards; computer review games; Life of Fred Butterflies/Cats

Knitting - just starting with needles

Hand Sewing - backstitch practice with felt; maybe a couple of simple projects

Art - drawing; painting; maybe create an art journal

Gardening - lots of goodies to pick and tend to

Cooking - learn to make soup!  and other things

See, not nothing.  There's a whole lot of learning on that list.  Things that often get rushed (or skipped over) during other times of the year.  For the next two months, we can take our time and focus on projects.  I think of it as part of our seasonal rhythm.  Things are just . . . different in the summer.

School Light.  I really like the sound of it.


  1. Yes! Light is good.
    Heat is bad.
    You're using Fred math too???
    We love Fred. He has revolutionized Algebra for us.

    Happy fun days to you!

    1. Ugh . . . heat is so bad right now. Already. We already have the afternoon blahs.

      We started adding in some Fred this year and LOOOOVE him. Trying to find some kind of balance to that and supplemental stuff. Math is definitely a work in progress for us. Good to hear you like the upper level books in the series!


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