Friday, June 15, 2012

Themed Kids' Gardens and Flower Color Therapy

I have a new post about Themed Kids' Gardens  at  The Homeschool Classroom.  These are great projects for the summer, and they're easy to adapt for little kids or to get older kids involved in more of the planning aspects or making the themes more challenging.

Now . . . if I can just manage to plant the poor, neglected pansies we bought last week but never managed to put in the ground.  Getting sick stinks.

At least the zinnias are in full bloom.  I highly recommend zinnias.  Quick-growing, high-impact flowers.  You can get great big ones (I had a giant variety that grew to almost 8 ft tall last year) or dwarf plants in any color you like.  We picked out a new seed packet last week for green zinnias.

color therapy
When I tell you my office is a mess, that's a serious understatement.  But, any time I feel stress-y in here, I can pop over to the window and see a field of color.  It makes me smile.  I'm also teaching my kids a valuable lesson.  Invest time and energy in things that make you smile.  Always.


  1. Hi Michelle, I'm visiting via the 30dayvegan workshop and I've enjoyed reading about your homeschooling journey! I like to think of myself as eclectic, but the truth is that I lean towards VERY waldorf-inspired (and to keep it interesting my husband leans toward very unschooly!) At the same time, we're a secular family and not anthroposophists and always looking to find our own truths. Take care! :)

    1. Hey Kelly, my leanings change as my girls age, plus I change with my mood, the subject, the season, the wind . . . whatever. :) But I do feel very grounded in the philosophy behind Waldorf education, I just let go of some of the details that don't work for us.
      Thanks for saying hello!


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