Monday, August 6, 2012

Curriculum (or Learning Plan) for 2012-2013

I hesitate to call this a curriculum post. I actually hesitate writing any of this at all. You see, It looks like I plan a lot, and it all looks nice and neat and compartmentalized, but really? Smoke and mirrors. There's a lot of overlapping and flexibility built in to our yearly plans.  I never stick to a strict plan; instead, I use these items as goals for the year.

Still, I know I have always appreciated (especially when we first started homeschooling) seeing other homeschoolers' plans for the year.  It's a great way to get ideas, even if you just jot down a few notes for next year or for five years from now.  Ideas are good.

This year we'll be shifting from regular copywork to more notebooking and self-directed projects.  I still plan to pull from a wide variety of materials, methods, and styles.  I like to call it Gumbo Homeschooling.  A little of this, a little of that, mix it up, taste, reseason.

As always, I reserve the right change my mind and shift gears as often as I see the need to do so.

Begin planning with a deep breath and some soul searching.

4th Grade - Ella (9 yrs)

Math -
  • Life of Fred books 
  • Math Mammoth (grade 4 gold series worksheets) 
  • focus - focus on measurement & time; fractions, percents, & decimals; memorizing facts 

Reading/Literature -

Writing -
  • cursive writing practice 
  • Reading and Writing Homeschool Group 
  • copywork; dictation; notebooking; journaling; letter writing; multi-paragraph reports; book reports; plenty of spontaneous, self-directed creative writing 

  • prefixes, suffixes, and homophones 
  • self-editing with copywork & dictation 

History & Georgraphy -
  • continue U.S. football geography 
  • settlers & pioneers 
  • housebuilding 

Science -
  • nature studies 
  • gardening; water cycle; farming; sustainable living 
  • moon phases 
  • camping and survival skills 
  • lots of unschooling & child-led activities :) 

French -

Handwork - knitting & hand sewing

Art -
  • painting 
  • form drawing 
  • sketching
  • various mixed media projects (We're really enjoying Art Lab for Kids)

Music - not sure yet

P.E./Health -
  • swimming lessons
  • weekly park playdates 
  • maybe more organized sports and games this year with friends 

Typing - Dance Mat Typing

Pre-K - Harper (4 ½ yrs)

Math -
  • counting objects to twenty 
  • identify & create patterns 

Reading/Literature -
  • Little House series (family read aloud) 
  • stories & fairy tales 
  • learn letter sounds 

  • write name 
  • write letters 

Handwork & Art - painting & drawing, beginning finger knitting

Lots of games and fun! Activity inspiration found here.

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