Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Quilt Paintings

Last May, when I was burnt out and had no desire to plan anything, we borrowed Art Lab for Kids from the library.   I was considering purchasing the book for next (this) school year, so I set my oldest loose with a pad of sticky notes to mark potential activities, and we took it for a little test drive.  We decided together on a few easy activities we could do with materials we already had.  One of those activities was to make family quilt paintings.  We each started by pencil sketching a picture of our family in the center.  We then added other squares around that of scenes or items that either represented our family, things we've done together, or things we like or have done as individuals.  Then we traced/colored those drawings with oil pastels and added some "stitches" around the squares.  For some reason, those pictures hung up on our art wall until a couple of weeks ago, when we finally pulled out the watercolors to do the resist painting.  The girls had lots of fun making these, and I even sat with them and made my own.

Ella, age 8

Harper, age 4

Overall, we like the book.  I intended to buy it as a spine for our art activities this year, but when it came down the end of summer, I just wasn't feeling even that much structure.  Still, I'll probably purchase it at some point just for a nice idea bank.

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  1. I love the energy in Harper's, and the sweet illustrations of your family and important animals and places that Ella drew. I plan on using this book with a co-op class, but we'll be starting at the beginning and then seeing where the kids' interests lie.


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