Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Prep

  • Visited library (always first on our prep list!)
  • Baked breakfast cookies
  • Washed clothes
  • Read about and discussed how the Revolutionary War started.  You know, to pass the time.
  • Cleaned out fridge & freezer (better now than after . . . trust me . . . ewww)
  • Picked up yard and stored everything in the shed
  • Picked everything up off the floor in case we flood . . . again

Now . . . we wait.

I'll be offline until next week.  Unless I can get a wifi connection on my e-reader over the next couple of days.  If so, I'll update twitter, but that's probably all.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. Hi Michelle!! Were in Baton Rouge so we are doing the same over here!!! Hope yall are spared!!!!!

  2. Stay safe. My mom is in Ocean Springs, MS and riding it out too. Many prayers.

    1. Thank you . . . I hope your mother is ok over there!

  3. First of all, I love how cookie baking is part of hurricane prep! :-)

    Second, I hope you are doing OK and don't have to deal with flooding or other damage. I used to live on the TX gulf coast (years before Rita and Katrina) and I remember how anxious we were when storms were headed our way...

    Update when you can. We'll be thinking of you all!

    1. The cookies double as snacks and breakfast. Super filling and delicious!
      Thanks. Yes, it's the stress of waiting through the whole process that really wears on you.


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