Monday, August 13, 2012

Learning Spaces

Like many of you, we don't have a dedicated school room.  Actually, I prefer it that way.  Learning happens everywhere, and I like that our home and our activities reflect that.  We do, however, have the problem with what to do with all the stuff that goes along with a lifetime of learning.  Most of our supplies get stored in the office:

We picked the paint color shortly after a beach trip.  Can you tell?

Everything is pretty much within reach for the girls.  The higher shelves hold extra supplies (things I've stocked up on during sales) and games/other items I want to rotate.  We use that easel a lot.  No point fussing at them to sit still when it's much easier for them to stand and write or draw and to do it on a BIG surface.

This is MY side of the room.  Ok, and Ken's side.  And, as you can see, the cat's side.  I totally didn't clean up this morning, but I did clear the room out a couple of weeks ago.  Trust me, it was a disaster.  Oh my gosh, there is a shirt next to the printer.  I have no idea why it's there.  I'm looking at it right now and I still don't have a clue.

On this side I keep my laptop, binders, books, and crate for the year.  The newest addition is the bright blue binders on the side of the printer.  Those will be Ella's notebooking binders, and we use the shelves next to them to store papers until we're ready to file them.  

Usually, we start our mornings on the couch, for stories, songs, or games.  When everyone's in the mood for that.  Lately, not so much.  They're resisting fun.  So annoying.

Then we move to the table for a little while . . .

. . . with our learning buddy . . .

. . . wait . . . what's that blue thing?

Pants.  From the donation bag.  I think he's daring me to take them back.

 No one stays at the table long.  I let them take their work wherever they feel comfortable.

On the floor.

Near a window while watching a pottery wasp work.


Sometimes the laundry room.

We're learning vagabonds.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. "learning vagabonds"
    LOVE it.

  2. LOL great term!

    We do have a dedicated school space but we manage to work every where else any how. lol

  3. I love the laundry room picture. LOL! Have a great year.

  4. LOL! Why DO they resist fun so much? Crazy kids!

  5. My kids do school everywhere, too. I love the look of your office!

  6. We don't have a school room either :) Most of our stuff is stored in pantries in the living room. Thanks for sharing your space! I posted about my homeschool space today too, at


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