Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 Ways My Daughter and My Dog are Alike

Before you panic or start writing that nasty response brewing in your head, let me clear things up.  I'm not training my nine year old with clickers or a crate.  Simmer down.  I have, however, noticed a few similarities in the ways my oldest daughter and our new puppy behave.  To my surprise, sometimes they want the same things.  Simple things.  Other times, I'm amazed at their strikingly similar stubborn streak.

In honor of my soon-to-be-nine year old (we're busy prepping for a big birthday this weekend), here are a few interesting facts about her and about the new dog she loves.

  1. They're both super smart.  They pick up things very quickly, which can keep a mama on her toes.
  2. They both need lots of fresh air and exercise.  The dog gets two one-mile walks each day, plus lots of rigorous play time.  My daughter gets lots of free range time outside (like all kids should), but she's also been more amiable since she started taking that evening walk with us.
  3. They both need jobs.  Being smart cookies means they need lots to keep them busy, but play isn't enough.  Having meaningful jobs . . . real work . . . makes them both feel like productive members of the family.
  4. They both make noise for the sake of making noise.  He's a barker.  She's a whistler/hummer/singer/tapper/sleep-talker.  Did I mention I have noise sensitivities?
  5. They both want to be close . . . but not too close.  They don't like to be alone, but snuggling is usually out.  Sitting nearby on the couch is typically close enough.
  6. They both dislike Mom and Dad watching football.  Game day inspires barking.  From both.
  7. They both enjoy a good picnic.  


  1. I love this! Such insight. And also, sometimes I think a dog training class would be useful background to have when interacting with my oppositional kid. All that "reinforce the behavior you want to see more of, don't give attention to the behavior you don't want." Isn't it kind of similar?

  2. Exactly. It's all positive behavior training. Lots of praise, ignore unwanted behavior.

    Why aren't positive parenting classes as easy to find? I could definitely have used a six wk course as a new parent.

  3. Oh my gosh, I have two noise makers over here, and it's driving me mad. Some days I think I have noise fatigue. Make that most days.


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