Sunday, September 2, 2012


If you know anything about hurricanes, you'll understand what I mean when I say we were on the "good" side of Isaac.  Three days of strong wind and light rain, but the worst of the rain and storms were on the eastern side of the storm.  I'm truly grateful we didn't have flooding issues, my heart breaks for those in the eastern portion of our state and in Mississippi who experienced the worst of this storm.

It was a long week, and we're just feeling settled here and back to normal.  We did choose to spend a couple of nights at my mom's house when it came through.  Partially due to the flooding concern, but mostly because we knew there would be at least two days of constant north winds and rain coating an already overly saturated ground . . . and did I mention the north-facing water oak in front of the girls' bedroom?  We boarded up, packed, and the girls were able to sleep well at night without hearing much inside her thick walls and well-protected house. Except we did hear this:

It got knocked right across the driveway . . . right where Ken considered parking his car because it needed a "washing."  Thankfully, he didn't follow through with that, and it didn't hit anything but the driveway.  It was old and rusted, but look . . . that's cement poured into that post and in the ground.  The wind snapped it.  Crazy.  We moved it over in a hurry to the side of the house (where it is in that photo), so it wouldn't roll around or get blown somewhere else.

Other than that, our excitement consisted of lots of time for reading,


frying fish,

and playing cards.

The girls spent some quality time playing Bataille (what we call War) with their great-grandparents.  We were waiting for a quick lesson on the "good" French words, but everyone got a kick out of how quickly Harper learned how to cheat.  All on her own.

Now we're home, safe and sound, with all of our trees still standing.
But grateful.

I hope the rest of you who were in the path are safe as well . . .


  1. So glad to know you are safe and sound!

  2. YES! I was worried about flooding for you, especially when I saw how much water was standing glad you came through unscathed.
    We are fine...I need to post. :)
    Exhale, indeed--and be quite thankful!

    1. Oh, good! I was worried about you guys, too. I knew you were more in the direct path. Thankful, indeed.

  3. Very happy to hear that you are doing fine and didn't suffer much damage!

    Sounds like you had a nice visit with family. I love seeing everyone around the table enjoying the game. Reminds me of stormy nights when I was a kid!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it reminded me of storms when I was a kid, too. And I was able to sit up with my grandparents and talk with them about their old dairy farm and all sorts of things. It was kind of nice.


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