Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly Rhythm

Last week, I described what a typical day might look like around here.  Today I wanted to show you what a typical week involves for us.  Since I'm still chronically random, I need weekly routines to anchor me.  I'm still super flexible and never hesitate to move things around depending on my health, my mood, the weather, or the moon,  but we generally have certain things we do on certain days.  This applies for learning activities as well as household tasks and errands.  I try to stay home at least two full days each week.  It's a sanity thing.  We used to have specific days for painting, sewing, and drawing, but now we're moving to general project days (more on that in a future post) and immersing ourselves in one activity at a time for a week or a month or however long we maintain interest.  Especially with the almost-nine-year-old.  The four-year-old  . . . well, she just kind of does whatever she wants.  We'll be incorporating more project work for her later once we get a little more settled later this fall.  At least that's the plan.  You know how plans go around here.

Here's a little peek at what a typical week might look like:


  • Clean House
  • Project Day


  • Errands
  • Library


  • Paperwork - bills, budget, etc.
  • Park with Friends


  • Bake - bread and/or breakfasts
  • Project Day


  • Errands & Catch Up
  • Co-Op


  • Market
  • Plan Next Week
  • Yard/Garden Work


  • Rest
  • Watch Football  :)

I also have weekly routines for writing (blogging & fiction), but that's an entirely different subject.


  1. I haven't managed to figure where "cleaning house" falls in our rhythm. I'm keeping up on the laundry and the never-ending food prep & clean up, but that's about it right now. And I'm already sick. My body doesn't like this schedule but I'm not sure how to change it.

  2. You know I hear ya on the food. You know.
    Cleaning house = bathrooms, and dust/mop/vacuum
    laundry and quick sweep daily
    The kids vacuum now, and it's AWESOME.
    So, it's less than an hour, and if I don't do it on monday I feel "off" the rest of the week.

  3. I love reading about other people's rhythms and routines! I wonder if you might consider adding this to the Waldorf Wednesday link up? I know this is something a lot of people struggle with!

    1. Thanks, Annette. I'm really late with this. One of those months. We aren't super Waldorfy, and less so these days, but the rhythm aspect is definitely a keeper here. And one we've struggled with as well.

  4. These posts have been SO helpful! We started homeschooling this year (one kid in 1st Grade, one in Kindergarten and one in Preeschool) and I feel like my whole life is running behind- we get school and meals done but that is it!

    1. We're in our third year, Abi, and I still feel like that many days! The meal prep and clean-up 3x's a day can be overwhelming all by itself. And it's so much harder with little ones. Luckily, they learn by playing, so you can all have a bit of fun in between. :) Thanks for commenting!


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