Friday, October 26, 2012

Letting Go: Maps

If you're new to this series, you can read here about how my journey of Letting Go began.

4.5 yr old creating Foot Town

I wasn't allowed to photograph the 9 yr old's map for her story.
So this is a photo of her making Scraggy.

Scraggetta, crossing the bridge to Foot Town

Our new medium is clay.
There's a river there, among other things.

There's been a lot of sick here lately.
Letting Go makes it easier to deal with that.


  1. Be careful about taking too many sick days, migraine weeks or 'let it go' weeks. As a mom who has experience in homeschooling, I am aware of how easily mummy's cooking and cleaning tasks can creep in and steal away the children's learning time. Your family seems to fall ill more often than most, therefore it must be particularly difficult for you to stay on task. Try surrounding your children with traditionally schooled children from time to time. My children are no longer home schooled, and thank goodness that I recognized my selfishness early on. My five year old is nearly on the level if your 9 year old (based on your posts). My three year old compares more to your 4-5? year old. It is unfortunate that so many illnesses befall your family.

    1. Thank you for the concern, if that is truly what you are offering. I don't feel the need to defend how healthy we are, how accomplished my children are, or how much other work we actually do. For one, it's fairly clear you haven't read about the other things we do around here, and for another, I'm not even sure what "levels" you're referring to and how you've come to this comparison based on a few photos and a snippet of what we do . . . a snippet of what I've chosen to show here. I know enough about child development, educational theory, and my own children's needs to feel confident in our homeschooling choices.

      I did, however, feel that I needed to respond to this comment, simply because I didn't want to leave it open for someone else to visit here and take away any negativity after reading your response. I wouldn't want anyone else, perhaps someone who has related to my journey, to read this and feel that they possessed some sort of "selfishness" for honoring their needs or the needs of their children.

      While you you are free to comment (anonymously even, on this site), I hope you take caution in the future with comparing children and making hasty judgements of others based on brief glimpses into their lives.


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