Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making Peace with Our Space: Repurposing

Part of my letting go journey is to make peace with my environment.  I love this house, but I can never seem to get things organized in a way that feels comfortable.  We've done a good job (mostly) of decluttering our main living spaces, but now I'm struggling with making them pretty.  This month, just like with our schedule, I'm taking baby steps with our environment.  Also, with these chunks of time open in front of me, I have the freedom to make these little changes.  Ahhh . . . 

First on the agenda was the top of the piano.  I decided to use part of this space as our nature display, for all the treasures the kids bring in the house.  We had another shelf for this, but I'm tired of digging giant acorns out of the dog's mouth.  So.  Up on the piano they go.

Originally, I wanted to thrift a pretty plate, some handmade pottery perhaps, but I haven't found anything yet.  Instead of waiting for the perfect something, I took another look at what was already up there.  The kids gave me a gift a while back.  It is a tray with some black stones and larger rocks with inspirational words carved into them.  Sweet, but essentially a dust collector.  I looked at it again with an eye for repurposing . . .

The tray is now a display for items collected on our walks or in the backyard.  I still want to replace it with something prettier, but it will do for now.  The little filler stones are in a candle holder.  For now.

The larger stones with words on them became art display holders, like the ones for holding those pretty seasonal cards.  I've been wanting to paint some stones for this purpose, but these were already sitting here.  A sweet gift from my girls.  Better to use these now rather than long for something one day.

Now they're ready for all the sweet little drawings my girls make.  Or small paintings of seasonal colors to brighten up the space.  If you're interested in making some of your own, here's the how-to for wrapping the wire.

Baby Step #1 complete.
It feels better already.
More changes coming soon . . .


  1. love how you used what you already had! :)

    1. Thanks, Lori. I always try to repurpose first. I still have the broke college kid mindset.

  2. I haven't managed to declutter yet...
    that dish looks really great for displaying found nature objects, I think!

    1. The dish looks great from far, but it's plastic-y. It'll do for now, until I find something that really speaks to me.


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