Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Shifting Days

Happy October!  I've mentioned before how we flow with the seasons, how I front load a lot of our tougher school work in August and September, when we're fresh and tired of the heat and happy to stay inside to read and write more.  But October means fall and cooler weather, so our daily rhythms shift a bit.  Here's a peek at a recent, typical day.

Less than an hour of table work, which is maybe a math page or Life of Fred chapter, maybe some spelling practice, and possibly a little notebooking.  The little one scribbles, colors, or cuts things.

Running laps.  Sometimes she takes a stopwatch and times herself, but usually she just counts her laps.  Totally self-motivated.  I had nothing to do with this.  Except maybe she was inspired because I recently started running with the dog?

Swinging.  Swinging is fun no matter what age you are.

Mommy's writing station.  Yes, I'm babysitting Raichu.

Creepy fungus bug identification.

This guy landed on Ella's leg.  The Praying Mantis Relocation Program was a success.  He lives in the garden now.

I don't know what was happening here.  I don't disturb happy play.

 Reading Lesson.  Harper finally caught the reading bug and wants to read with me thanks to these foam bath letters.  She's been sounding out short words and making -at words on her own.  And asking me to spell things for her.  Can you tell we have a Pokemon obsession in this house?


  1. I'm glad you get good outside weather at *some* point in the year! We're having swings, chilly mornings, milder days. But it's raining now and I'm making stew, so it really seems like fall. :(

    1. Yay for fall! They were in shorts that day, but it's pants weather this week. At least in the mornings.
      One good month a year. There's another one in the spring, but we're usually plagued with sinus/allergy problems, so it doesn't count.


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