Friday, November 9, 2012

Letting Go: Bite-Sized Learning

If you're new to this series, you can read here about how my journey of Letting Go began.

Since our main project for the month is to write a novel, we sort of take the rest of our November  learning in tiny bites.  Little tastes.  A little daily math, lots of reading, and finally enjoying some cool weather.  We'll be charting moon phases soon, and we are thrilled that Mankind: The Story of All of Us starts next week!  We really enjoyed the U.S. series (a must have, I think), and we're currently rewatching and discussing the westward episode.  But since we did our "heavy" learning back in early fall, now we're immersed in writing and taking little bites of whatever else looks tasty at the moment.

Taking a pioneer reading break to sew a doll skirt.

Learning how to enjoy time alone.
(baby steps)

An Ella-designed dollhouse.  It was really hard for me to let her
figure on her own that the duct tape wouldn't be stable like that.
But it was a much more valuable lesson learned on her own.

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