Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Peace With Our Space: Fall Gratitude Display

While NaNoWriMo is consuming a great deal of our lesson and project time this month, we're trying to stay home and rest our brains in between writing bursts.  We're camping (more on that later), playing, reading (lots of reading), and nesting.

As a continuation of last month's repurposing efforts, I spruced up the top of the piano a bit to welcome the arrival of fall.  Yes, it took it quite a while to get here this year, and it already seems to be gone, as we are now in full-blown winter temps here.  Oh, well.

The kids are really enjoying having that display tray available to them.  It's filled with acorns, rocks, feathers, flowers, and . . . oh, yes . . . a plastic bag filled with dog hair.  Um . . . nature?  Whatever.

In my box of fall decorations, I found that I had saved the watercolor leaves from last year's gratitude tree.  Yay!!!  What a pleasant surprise!  I would have liked to make new ones, but time is short this year, and I don't need to heap more stress on myself.  Letting it go.  Instead, I took the leaves from last year and put them in the display stones I made last month.

I really enjoy them this way!  I'm definitely grateful for all of those things and for our repurposing efforts.  Happy fall, y'all!!!


  1. Oh you crack me up with your "full-blown winter temps." says it's 60 degrees there today.

    1. Thirties at night. I categorize winter as "too cold to camp." Mostly.
      Also, sweatshirt weather.

      Come be a snowbird. :)


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