Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Break

It's been quiet in this space.  I realize that.

I hit some post-first-draft burnout after November, so I took a little writing break.  Then the tragic events of last week left me speechless.  Now I'm asking myself questions about privacy and the nature of this space.

I have a lot to ponder.

But I don't plan to abandon this site or make any drastic changes.  I just need to sort a few things out and come back in January with purpose.

For now . . . silence.

I'm going to reflect on our goals, plan new projects, and embrace the season.  (I wrote about how I like to homeschool during the winter over at the homeschool classroom last week.)  We'll read, bake, knit, and play.  I'll be back here in January.  Until then, I hope you all enjoy the rest of December.  

Happy Holidays

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