Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Springtime Madness

Is it March already?  Time flies when your slogging through the muck of February, I guess.

With March comes the itch of springtime.  March Madness has a nice ring, but aside from being tied to college basketball, it also implies that everyone feels the pull at the same time.  We have clover and azaleas.  Others still have snow.  So, it may not hit some of you until later this month.  I'm sure you're all itching for some warmth, but there's a point in time when the angst becomes a physical pull, and you just can't sit still any longer.

We didn't have much of a winter here, but I'm still feeling the restless spring itch, that full body experience that overtakes you and compels you to CLEAN/ORGANIZE/GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS.  I have been feeling the spring anxiety madness for a couple of weeks now - the need to overhaul my house, my routines, and my health. Now, however, I'm feeling ready to do something about it.

First up, a little weeding.  Not just in the garden.  It's time to declutter everywhere.  Eliminate time sucks.  Establish a new rhythm.  Make space in our closets, schedules, and lives for new (and old) experiences and passions.

Weeding time!  Gotta make room for those strawberries.

It's going to take me a while to get back into a good blogging rhythm, but now feels like a good time to show how we shift with the seasons.  The next several posts here will be about how we like to tidy up our lives and get moving, making the best use of this burst of seasonal energy.  Over the next couple of weeks, I'll talk about momentum, decluttering, establishing new rhythms (we STILL struggle with this, can you believe it?), projects, and prettying up our spaces.  And I'm sure I will have questions for you along the way.

Even though I'm a little early, I'll start out by wishing you all a happy spring ahead anyway!


  1. happy spring! :)

    i love the changing of the seasons — any excuse to feel like you have a clean slate.

    1. Yes! I live for the clean slate feeling.


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