Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Relaxing with Wolves

you just need a break.

We recently took a little vacation to the Alabama coast.
Instead of being on the beach this year,
we picked a house a couple of blocks from the beach.
We had woods, wild bunnies, and privacy.

The fenced in pool and dog-friendly beach meant
we could take our favorite furry dude with us.
I think he enjoyed himself, too.

It was a bit chilly for mid-April, but
I'm actually quite fond of beaches off-season.
You get the place all to yourself that way.

Well, we did have to share the beach with the mole crabs . . .

. . . and this big guy,
who wasn't the least bit afraid of us.

We didn't make this a formal-type of learning vacation,
but we did swing by The Little Zoo That Could.
I'm so glad we did, because did I mention
my youngest's current project is wolves?

She still has this face:

It was great to see our girls snuggle, play, and relax

Stairs are not a plus when you have sleepwalkers,
so we had to do some furniture rearranging each night.

But the place was gorgeous and so relaxing.
I took notes for when we build our someday house.
Must-have item #1 is a huge table.

It was way bigger than we needed for our family of four,
but we spent lots of cold, rainy mornings and afternoons
gathered there to play Yahtzee and Uno.

Do you see those green chairs on the screened porch?
We (mom & dad) spent every evening out there.
We even got to watch a family of snakes play in the pool on our last night.
Still, we had a wonderful time, and it reinforced the idea that
sometimes, in the middle of things being crazy busy,
 you have to change up the scenery a bit and


  1. I'm glad you had a relaxing time. I like beaches in all seasons too--it looks like a very restful spot (except for the snakes, of course).

  2. love that wolf-watching face! :)

    sounds like you had a great vacation — i am jealous!


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