Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Experimenting with Watercolor Pencils

Somehow, despite Amy's weekly reminders, I've been neglecting regular art time.  Our schedule is wonky in the spring and we spend a lot of time outside, but that's no excuse.  To be fair, the kids are still drawing and making, but that's the extent of it.  We went months without sitting down together to create.

But things are changing around here.

For an easy activity to get us back in the art together habit, we experimented with our watercolor pencils.  We've used them only a couple of times since we bought them, so I was excited to see Barb's Watercolor Pencil 101 Tutorial & Printable.  I printed three copies of the .pdf on cardstock, and we sat one afternoon with our watercolor pencils, brushes, and water jars.  All we had to do was follow the directions for the different techniques (already printed on the sheet), and see what happened.

It was easy and exciting to see all the ways we could use the pencils.  I would never have thought of a couple of those techniques on my own.  So now we have some new tricks in our bag for this summer and all of our art adventures ahead.

In an effort to keep the momentum going, Ella and I crafted a weekly and daily rhythm we'd like to establish for the summer.  We're looking at three afternoons (crazy-hot-time) a week for some sort of art activity.  I'm planning to reorganize our office/art supply room this summer, so I would ideally like to focus on simple activities, mostly drawing with different mediums and sometimes adding watercolor.

This seemed like a perfect fit:
Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun (Lab Series)

I'm looking forward to working our way through a good chunk of the book this summer, and I plan to share a lot of our creations here.  Maybe some of you might like to draw along with us?


  1. Yes! We will try to draw along with you. :-)

  2. Love this, do you have any recommendations for watercolor pencils?

    1. I picked up the Michael's brand (artist's loft) wc pencils on a whim one day. They work ok, but I really don't have anything to compare them too. They were cheap, so I imagine Derwent or prismacolor would be much better.

  3. I love this idea, and have looked for the watercolor pencils to no avail. I bought her Chalk Pastel eBook a few weeks ago and am planning on working through that too.

    Keep talking about art! It inspires me to actually DO something!

    1. I need to make an online order for things I can't find here either. Hmmm... now I have to look up that ebook. I haven't used chalk pstels in years, and I haven't used them with the girls yet. Hmmm

      Good, because I have a feeling I'll be talking about art a lot this summer!

  4. We just got some watercolor pencils too! They are awesome. I got derwent but they are pricey. I used a coupon though. Thanks for the worksheet link.


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