Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our New Girl

Remember when Lightning said he wanted a new friend?  We listened.
Meet Layla.

We've had our eye on this girl for a couple of months.  At first, we were waiting for her to finish nursing her pups and get spayed before we could adopt her.  Then, we found out she had heartworms.  At the time, we had too much going on.  I just couldn't imagine bringing her in to our hectic house or having the time or energy to devote to her care.  Eventually, things settled.  And really, who could say no to this face?

She's about two years old, and she's had a long, tough road.  She was an excellent mother to her pups, and despite being terrified, she is certainly a brave little thing.  It's taken her a little longer to feel completely safe around Ken, but we've been patient.  We have no idea what she might have endured out on her own.  The vet said she seems healthy and was optimistic regarding her heartworm treatment.

She loves to cross her paws, like a little lady.  Harper says it's to make a heart.  I think she's right.

 So, she's our little lady.  She's super chill and submissive (quite the opposite of our other dude) and now that she's warmed up to us, she is wagging her tail and feeling safe enough to play.  Good thing, because our boy was dying for a furry friend to play with.

Lady and the Tramp,
as I refer to them

Our guy is smitten.  He can't stop giving her kisses.

Actually, we're all in love.


  1. Aw, best of luck with your new girl! So sweet. :)

  2. Sweet! Looks like she's going to get lots of love in her new home. <3

  3. that is the sweetest — she is a beauty, just love seeing her at home with you guys! xoxoxo

  4. So sweet. She is adorable. How wonderful she found a great home with you guys!


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