Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thanks, Commander Hadfield. Welcome Home.

For the non space junkies who don't know this, Chris Hadfield just finished his mission as the commander of Expedition 35 on the International Space Station.  If you needed more reasons to love a guitar-playing Canadian astronaut, you can find plenty.

He has opened up the space station to a new generation of space lovers.  The girls and I have been watching the Canadian Space Agency videos in which Commander Hadfield explains how to brush your teeth (yes, even astronauts have to brush their teeth, kids), clip your nails, and, of course, use the toilet in space, along with many of the routine tasks and experiments they completed while on the space station.  We've also been following him on twitter (@Cmdr_Hadfield) to see all of the stunning images of Earth he posted every day.  We truly live on a gorgeous hunk of rock.

Then, there's the total geek fandom factor.  I mean, did I mention he has a sense of humor?  And some pretty famous fans popping in to chat?

If you missed out on any of the fun, you can still scroll back through his photos on twitter and watch the videos.  It's never too late to catch The Space Bug, right?

As a goodbye salute to the ISS and his time in orbit there, Commander Hadfield created this music video.  I'm not gonna lie, it kind of makes me tear up a little.

A big thank you to a fantastic commander.
You have informed and inspired.
Mission accomplished.
Welcome home, Commander Hadfield.
Welcome home.


  1. Thanks to this post, me & the kids got lost in Commander Hadfield's videos for TWO HOURS this morning. What a cool guy.

    1. Hehe. Did you learn how to puke in space???

      He really is a cool guy.


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