Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is the summer we were looking for . . .

Lots of drawing, but nothing scheduled, no assignments.

Doggie snuggles.

Indulging our chronic randomness.  The daily rhythm is completely out the window, folks.

I've hardly even grabbed my camera in the past few weeks.

  • 9yo - sewing clothing for her stuffed animals, drawing, and making puzzles.
  • 5yo - telling stories, riding her bike (no training wheels!), and drawing.
  • Mom - reading, decluttering, a little drawing, and trying on a new writing project (middle grade fantasy novel ... eek!) to see if it fits

I meant to revamp the site this summer.  That will have to wait.
We plan to start back up with lessons at the beginning of August, so we can maybe take a big break later in the fall, or take multiple shorter breaks.  Whatever strikes us.
For now, it's a laid back but busy kind of summer.
I hope you're enjoying a bit of the same!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the summer!

  2. that sounds like a GREAT summer. :)

  3. Def sounds like a wonderful summer! I've had a few projects that I've decided to postpone (maybe forever!) in order to enjoy summer a bit more. Though my tolerance for busy is already pretty low, heh. :)


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