Monday, August 5, 2013


You know those Pinterest-perfect posts you see around the internet?
This isn't one of them.

It's a quick peek at our summer.
Complete randomness.

And this is how it looked:

Yes, that's a slow-cooker crock next to a tub of spackle.
What of it?

puzzles and figs and Pokemon

 Oh, and some lazing around, too.

We officially begin our new school year today.
I'm so not ready for it.


  1. Take a few more weeks off. ;)

    But, seriously, I prefer messy photos to perfect ones. No one keeps a perfect house. Well, my mother-in-law does, and I'm afraid to touch anything there!

    1. I would take a few more weeks off, but I really want to take a big break this fall. But I considered it! We're focusing on routines and balancing individual time with two kids doing learning activities this year, so it's actually helped our day.

      I like messy photos, too! :)

  2. Happy First Day, and thanks for keeping it real!


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