Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Together E-Zine Review and a GIVEAWAY

We've been pretty busy here with pet health issues and upheaval, not to mention we're in full swing with our school year and activities.  But that doesn't mean there isn't time for art!  There's always room for art.  Yes, like Jell-O.  If Jell-O was a good thing.  (Sorry, gelatin-lovers.  Not a big fan.)

That's why I'm so excited about this week's giveaway (more on that in a moment).  It's all about making art, about reminding us that it's painless and fun.  To make it even easier, there's a brand new e-zine created by Amy, from Amy Hood Arts.  Amy is all about encouraging families to create art together, to relax and experiment, and to instill in our children (and ourselves) the idea that art is for everyone.

The first issue of the e-zine is all about color, because Amy loves color.  Which is one more reason I adore her.  I LOVE color, so I was super excited that she chose this as the focus of her first issue.

I also love that each issue will present a featured artist and a featured material, along with lots of activity ideas and resource suggestions.  Since Amy highlighted acrylic paints this month, I figured it was time to go through mine and see what survived The Great Acrylic Painting Drought here.  Luckily, I was able to scrounge up some yellow, blue, and red.  Guess what?  That's all you need, baby.

Notice the ugly vinyl tablecloth.  Confession: acrylic paints and kids scare me a wee bit.  But I'm certainly not going to let that stop me.  If you're afraid of messes or don't have a dedicated art space, slap down a two-dollar tablecloth and put on some old t-shirts.  Boom.  Art time.

From there, we mixed paints and decided to do the paint chip matching activity in the e-zine.  Because if there's one thing my kids love more than color, it's paint chips.  Seriously, my kids hoard them.  They cheer when we go to the home improvement store, because they know . . . paint chips are coming.  And it's not like they do anything with them.  They just collect them.  Fellow color lovers.

Next we each picked a paint chip to match and began mixing colors.  They each, to my surprise, picked a shade of blue.

paint chip color matching, Harper, age 5
paint chip color matching, Ella, age 10

I love that there are no set outcomes for the activities in the e-zine.  The focus instead is on experimenting with materials and colors and seeing what you come up with. These are our favorite kinds of activities.  Open-ended and inviting.  Love that.

Now for the good news . . .

Amy is offering a copy of the Autumn Issue of her new e-zine to one lucky Raising Cajuns reader!  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment with your email address on this post letting me know you're interested.   The giveaway is open to everyone (worldwide), since it's a digital .pdf file.  Just be sure to include your email address so Amy will know where to send your free copy if you win.  Comments will be open until midnight EST on Sunday, September 29, when I'll select a winner at random.  Good luck!

Don't want to wait?   You can read more about the issue here, and use the code BIRTHDAY for 20% off through the end of September.  

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I used the generator at random.org and the winner is TAFFI.
Congratulations, Taffi!


  1. That looks so doable! I'd love a copy. :-)

  2. My girl loves to paint - this looks great!

  3. I would love this for my family!

    cjhopman at hotmail dot com

  4. I showed my girl YOUR girls' color mixing. They did awesome--it looks like you had fun. :-) Thanks so much for helping to spread the word.

  5. Thanks, Michelle - this looks great, I've bought a copy! (In my excitement I missed the discount code but it looks worth the price anyway :-D) Thank you for sharing.

  6. This looks like a lot of fun for me and the little kiddos!

  7. This looks like a neat project to do with my 6 year old daughter. We are always looking for fun things to do together on the weekends. taffidyan at yahoo dot com