Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September and a Request

Once again, I find myself at the end of another month wondering, "Where did it go?"  But I know where it went.  Good places.  Projects, reorganizing & decluttering, a 10yo's birthday, navigating relationships, a cat with a health crisis, and these guys . . .

Those two can eat up a whole month by themselves.  Lucky for them, they're cute.

But no matter what life throws at us, we move forward.  One foot in front of the other.
I cleared out a space on the bar this month, and now it is All Mine.

Now, if I can only develop the habit and actually USE that project journal on a regular basis.
I'm working on it.

Please send some good vibes, thoughts, or prayers toward Boston where our friend, ten year old Avery, is undergoing his fourth heart surgery this afternoon.  You can read a little more about his story over on Stephinie's blog in her touching tribute to him and his family.  It's beautiful.  The family is amazing and Avery is a little rock star.  I'll be sending all my love up there today, and my girls can't wait to hear all about his trip and the food.  :)

* Also, last week's giveaway is closed (congrats Taffi!), but you can still use the code BIRTHDAY for 20% off Amy's e-zine through the end of the day today. 

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