Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Foxes, Foxes, and More Foxes

Remember back when I talked about "finishing" and how projects don't really have clear beginnings and endings sometimes?  Well, you didn't really think the fox encyclopedia was going to be the end of all things fox here, did you?  Trust me, foxes still rule this house.  Unfortunately, I'm not permitted to share all the drawings, comics, and other creations the ten year old is making.  Some of them are tucked away in this folder:

Of course, I had to make her the perfect fox shirt for her birthday a couple of months ago.  It wasn't a surprise, because I wanted her to have a say in the colors and selecting fabric.  Still, it was much appreciated.

But what I REALLY wanted to show you is Ella's Halloween costume.  Designed and made almost entirely by her.

Super simple, worn with an orange shirt and black pants.  Love it.  I only helped with machine sewing the tail, because it needed to survive a rowdy outdoor event before the big day.  I would have loved to teach her how to do that part herself, but we both lacked patience last week and . . . well, deadline.

So, as you can see, we haven't quite moved on from foxes here.  There are other interests and projects floating around as well, but foxes still rule.  We're even talking about getting some foxtail ferns, because how do we not have those yet???

I hope all of you who celebrate have a fun and safe Halloween!

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  1. Ella, I love your costume design--simple yet perfectly effective. Excellently done!


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