Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 13 Posts from 2013

Howdy! I hope you're enjoying the last few moments of 2013. It's been pretty quiet in this space, as I'm in a bit of transition again. Something's gotta give sometimes, and lately the thing that got cut has been this blog. I'm working on my word for 2014 at the moment. Lots of personal growth for me, so while I still have many thoughts and projects I want to share here, I need to focus on myself.  I may share some of that here. Or in some other space. I'll let you know. I'm not abandoning this site, so if you want to catch the updates (as random as they might be in the year to come), you might want to subscribe to my feed or by email in the sidebar.

For now I'm closing out the year with an "In Case You Missed It" post.  These are some of my favorite and the most popular posts from this past year.  I've been lamenting the fact that this has been a pretty craptastic year, but in assembling this list, I realized that we had some pretty good times, too.  Here's to more good times next year.

Happy New Year!

Top 13 Posts from 2013

November - Learning to Love an Interest You Hate 

September - Projects with the Five Year Old

August - Our Curriculum 2013-2014

July - Fox Encyclopedia Project

July - Project-Based Homeschooling: Finishing

May - Preschool Science: Learning by Doing  and  Cleaning Pennies

April - Advice Fail

April - Project-Based Homeschooling Q&A: Documenting & Forward Motion

April - Project-Based Homeschooling Q&A: Supplies & Environment

April - Project-Based Homeschooling Q&A: Getting Started

March - Momentum Magic

March - Paving the Way for Projects

February - Planning Less, Doing More


  1. You grow and stretch honey. We will be waiting here for you.
    Just please wait for me as I am stretching myself. ;)

    1. Thanks, love. We'll stretch together this year. xoxo

  2. Working on my word for 2014 too. Hope you get everything sorted out, take your time!
    I like this best of list. Great things happened this year.

    1. Thanks! There were some great things this year. I'm did I did the post so I could see those.
      Best wishes to you this year!

  3. i wonder if i even wrote 13 posts in 2013. ;o)

    i am wishing you the very best in 2014, friend! i hope it’s a fantastic year! xoxoxo

    1. I didn't think I'd find 13 posts either! Apparently, I had a burst of energy this spring. :)
      All the best to you this year, Lori! <3

  4. I want to hear whatever you want to share!
    2014 will be a better year!!!


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