Monday, December 22, 2014

2014: Our Year in Review

Apparently, I this is only my fifth post this year. YIKES. In case you missed the other four, here they are:

 I'm definitely not ready to give up blogging here, but I did need to take some time this year to focus inward. To push my own goals forward and to regroup a little as my kids move into different stages. Shifting. Lots of shifting. Good things, though. Part of my plan for next year is to visit this space more often. At least once a month.

While 2013 was a hard year for me personally, it pushed me into much of the hard work of 2014. This was an upward momentum year, for sure, but all of my small successes were the result of hard work, commitments, and habit-building. The great thing about homeschooling is that while my kids witnessed me stumble last year, they also witnessed my perseverance and my bumpy road to making things better. Our school lessons are still important, but I hope my girls also take away important lessons from this year about resilience and how hard work pays off.

Here are a few notes from our year:
  • My oldest doesn't want photos of her public, and I respect that. I'm also only sharing photos of her project work if she previews and approves the photos first. That means less for me to share here sometimes.
  • Harper is learning to read and is pushing past the frustration stage. We're all very excited for this!
  • She is also (finally, in December) playing alone more often. It's been a frustrating year of her not wanting to do anything without her sister. I've have a hard time navigating that and my tween's increased desire for privacy and independence (as well as a tendency as the oldest to dictate the younger sibling's play), but I think we're finally turning a corner with this issue.
  • Ella has been taking classes through Minecraft Homeschool and loves them. I do NOT recommend this as a way to justify an interest in Minecraft (It needs no justification. I should probably post more on this at some point). The classes are separate from her project work. She picks her classes and does all the work, and it's a way to dig deeper into history/geography/math/whatever through her minecraft interest. She also enjoys the social aspect of interacting with the other kids on the class server.

  • Ella's (11) interests & projects - sewing (more on this later), Minecraft & video games in general (a developing interest in game testing and in video game story development), storytelling 
  • Harper's (6) interests & projects - cooking/baking, Minecraft, chemistry & mixing "potions," foxes

  • I made a serious commitment to writing fiction. :) I'm posting updates here:
  • I learned how to FINISH this year. I've been a dabbler most of my life, and this year I saw large projects through to completion, and to the point of sharing with others. It's no coincidence that my word for 2014 was COURAGE. 

I hope you have a wonderful end to this year. 
See you all back here in 2015!!!

Much love,


  1. you are amazing and you had a year to match xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Aww thanks! And thank you for all of your encouragement along the way!


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