Monday, December 8, 2014

The Ripple Effect of a Desk Hutch

It's been pretty quiet around here, huh? Never fear, we're ok. Just busy with homeschooling, health stuff, and writing. I may be sprucing things up around here over the next couple of weeks while I have some down time. This is the first of hopefully several posts I have stored up. 

This summer, we made a project table (more on that later) and reorganized the office/music/art/storage room. We made it a functional project space and we are now referring to it as The Studio. The name isn't sticking yet, but it's definitely serving that purpose. Around that same time, my mom mentioned that she had a desk hutch she wasn't using. Hmm, I already had one of those, and my desk was still a mess. But since I didn't have any better ideas, I thought, Sure, let's see if it works.

To be clear, I haven't seen the surface of that desk in over a year. So, yeah. It works! My current freelance projects, novel notes, and homeschool folders each have a home that is visible but off the desktop. And my cords and chargers are tucked away. Sweet.

The best part of this one tiny change is that it had a ripple effect on the rest of the desk and the rest of the room.

Then, like MAGIC, the piles on my bar counter had a place to go, so that space also became a clear surface. Ta-da!

Never mind that pile of newspapers in the background. I've been saving those to mulch a walkway. Never mind that I've been saving them for almost two years now and they're still sitting there. Baby steps.

Think a tiny change won't have a big enough impact? Worried that organizing your office/art/music/crap room is a gigantic job, and it will take a year to tackle it? Don't let it overwhelm you. Focus in on one, tiny, solvable problem area. Let the ripple effect do the rest.

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